We have not had any issues with any cases at this point. We are happy with all contacts that we have with Reliable at this time.
Your customer service has been great. When we need to contact the office, we don't have any issues. Your new staff is friendly and helpful and always willing to help us find a solution. When we have further problems we call you directly, and that hasn't needed to be done in a long time.
Shipping/Delivery- We haven't had any recent issues. Your runners are always kind and respectful while in our office and we haven't received any broken cases due to delivery. They are normally always delivered in a timely manner.
Quality- We rarely have issues with quality, and if we do, it normally is long term quality due to questionable patient care vs. quality of the product, and again your customer service is always willing to try to help us out in those cases.
I can't think of any remakes off the top of my head.
We appreciate your hard work and great customer service in working with our office.
Tamia- Dental Nation, Inc. ,