Send Us a Case

1. Download Printable Lab Slip

Reliable Dental Laboratory Printable Lab Slip

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3. Turnaround Schedule

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4. Submit Your Case

  1. Carefully package your case, including your prescription, and tape box securely shut.  We ask that you follow these steps when packing your case:
    1. Place foam on bottom of box.
    2. Separate models, and secure impressions and bites.
    3. Arrange contents in a plastic bag for proper infection control.
    4. Place foam on top of contents.
    5. Add prescription.
    6. Tape box securely shut.
    7. Separate the cases in biobags, and include the prescription on the outside of each bag for accurate identification.
  2. Once the case is properly packaged, contact FedEx/UPS for a case pickup or click on the FedEx/UPS logo above.