We understand that the dental field is a face passed environment that at times can be full of stress and confusion. We take stress and confusion out of picture, the last problem you need is a crown that takes too long to seat. Here at Reliable Dental Lab we deal with only crowns and 3 unit bridges, so our expertise in this area is unmatched.

All Ceramic RestorationNEWSLIP-copy-602x1024 copy

Cercon Zirconia Denstsply
Zirconia single crown (bruxzir)
Zirconia per unit for a bridge

Porcelain to Metal Restoration

PFM Non-Precious
PFM Semi-Precious
PFM High Noble
Porcelain Margins (360°)
Implant ( crown) Semi Precious
Implants Straight Abutment
Implants Custom Abutment
Implant Work
Full Gold Crown
Open faced Gold Crown
Full cast, Non-Precious
Metal Rest
Metal Occ. (PFM) Base Metal
Metal Occ. (PFG) High Nobel
Adding Porcelain


Shade change PFM or PFG dark to light
Shade Change light to dark (if complicated)
Shade change Zirconia dark to light or special
Shade change Zirconia light to dark
Technician to office (please call lab for fee & availability)
Healing Splints
Diagnostic Wax-Up
Artificial gum tissue fused to porcelain
Trans coping plastic (reduction coping)


Denture Lab
Full denture upper or lower4before 4after
Full denture flexible or semi flexible
Partial Denture W/metal Partial Denture
Acrylic Flexible partial or semi flexible
Flexible partial combination


1-2 teeth
3-5 teeth
6 teeth
Cast clasp
Wire clasp
Clear clasp
Ball Clasp


Night guard
Sports guard
Snore guard


Space maintainer unilateral
Space maintainer bilateral
Retainer Hawley retainer

Repairs and Trays

Repairs and trays
Denture repair
Add one tooth
Mini Acrylic repair
Custom tray Surgical tray