Gold Grill 20152015 Dental Grammy nominees “must watch”

Gold Grill 2015

We fabricate gold grills simply because it presents a challenge for our highly experienced technicians. Its our pleasure to make unique artwork for our customers. Put your money where your mouth is" with a gold grill from Reliable Dental Lab. Customizing our grill since 2007 in Las Vegas, Nv. Our technician jewelers have over 36 years of experience. We only use the finest gold and platinum and our custom gold grills are guaranteed to fit and last with a 5 year warranty. Reliable Dental Lab ships worldwide and our friendly staff will answer all your gold grills questions and help you place your order. Call us Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Pacific-time at (702) 292-1510.

2015 Dental Grammy nominees “must watch”

It's an absolute pleasure to watch the 2015 Arizona Dental Student take songs from the top 40 and make a remix.
Dental versions of the Grammy nominees for Record/Song of the Year, brought to you by 4th year dental students in Arizona. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Braces Off) - 0:05 Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Save My Teeth) - 1:15 Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (All About Toothpaste) - 2:30 Hozier - Take Me to Church (My Tooth Really Hurts) - 3:58 Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Antsy) - 4:50 Sia - Chandelier (Porcelain Veneer) - 5:50 Bloopers - 7:29