"Reliable Dental Lab is really Reliable we have minimal adjustments, the shading is natural, we receive our cases on time."

Dr. Michael Flores @ Flores Family Dental,

"We have been using Reliable Dental Lab for a little over a year now, They always get our cases here on time. The quality is very good & the cost is affordable. They work very well with us to fix any problems that we might have. I would suggest them to any dentist in or out of  the area"

Sheryl @ Moore Family Dentistry,

"We find that Reliable Dental Lab communicates well with our office. That's was the reason we decide to use this lab. Reliable staff is very friendly,and always available to the staff. Quick to resolve any unanswered questions. Dr Robert E Hill is overall happy with the work the lab has completed. "

Dr. Robert E. HIll,

"My cases are seating well, look great I am happy to say that whatever your lab is doing keep up the good work!"

Dr. Pak,